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Home air conditioning
Hot stuffy day? Or FREEZZING COLD? Can't open the window because of noise? Suffer from hay fever? These and many other problems can be solved by the installation of one of our economical, easy to fit home air conditioning systems. All our systems air con units HEAT as well as COOL. Fed up with high heating bills? Due to it's unique heat pump technology, up to 400% efficient, an air con unit is the ideal heating solution for the winter months for your home or conservatory. Ideal for bedrooms, lounges, conservatotories, , summer houses, garages, workshop, home office, challets, Get the heating / Cooling when you need it.
DIY air con,self install air con,diy air conditioning
Office air conditioners
It's proven that comfortable staff are more productive. We all know what it's like to struggle through a long hot day in a stuffy office, everything seems to take longer and tempers can get frayed. Keep you office staff at a comfortable temperature and you'll get more out of them. Our air conditioning will pay for itself from the increased productivity you will receive from your grateful staff. Air conditioning is particulaly useful in high temerature environments such as computer server rooms. Enivronmentally friendly and economical to run in both cooling and heating capacities this is a must have business purchase.
DIY air con,self install air con,diy air conditioning
Installing air con
Follow our quick and easy to install air conditioning guide and you should be up and running within two hours. With our DIY / self install systems you can usually get a system up and running for around 20% of what the competition would look to charge you for an installed system of the same spec.
DIY air con,self install air con,diy air conditioning
Next day delivery
It's hot! You need to cool off pronto! Our single units can be delivered the next working day via TNT and multiple orders within 48 hours from our Bournemouth based warehouses. Just think about it, this time tomorrow you could be chilling out and feeling comfortable in your own home and office once again.
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